Donate Life Month

April is National Donate Life Month. Each year, the Secretary of State's office unveils a commercial promoting organ/tissue donation. The spot, which is featured in movie theaters and on television and radio stations, runs statewide through April.

Secretary of State Jesse White unveiled a new ad campaign featuring a dying daughter who gave her mother the gift of sight through organ/tissue donation.

"Many times people think that if they are suffering from a terminal disease they will be unable to donate," White said. "In this commercial, we see that even someone with cancer can give the gift of life. The message is meaningful because now a mother has the ability to literally see through her daughter's eyes."

The first scenario features Jose Bentancourt and his daughter Jennifer Wojcik. Without a kidney transplant, Betancourt could have missed his daughter Jennifer's wedding. In the second scenario, Micaela Prunty might have missed her first prom had she not received a liver transplant. And in the third, without a heart transplant, Gwendolyn Westlund could have missed the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. What if they had not received the donations they needed to continue living their life? The PSA encourages others to register to end the question of "What if?"

The commercial also features the Cubs game-ending play that earned them the 2016 World Series Championship. The song What If by Five for Fighting's John Ondrasik was donated and is featured in the spot.

2017 Commercial

What If? 2017 Illinois Organ/Tissue Donor Donate Life Month Commercial What If? 2017 Illinois Organ/Tissue Donor Donate Life Month Commercial in Spanish

Radio Spots

What If?
Què Tal Si?